To speak a thing into existence.

WESLEY KNIGHT BESPOKE is a luxury process that translates an individual’s personality and distinctive facial features into wearable art. Keeping the bespoke tradition, Wesley pays careful attention to the personality and lifestyle of each client. Throughout the conversations, he discerns and absorbs your requests, aesthetics, and inspirations that result in a truly unique bespoke frame. 

  Our bespoke process begins with a face-to-face fitting where the critical dimensions of the eyes, ears and nose are measured to build a frame that is equally comfortable as it is beautiful.

Over the course of 14 weeks, Wesley will personally translate your measurements, requests, anatomy, and aesthetic into singularly unique bespoke pattern, tried in prototype, and finally carefully constructed from your choice of water buffalo horn in our studio in New York City. 

   We have discovered horn’s functionality and beauty, as well as its limitations. We have dedicated our craft to become masters of horn. Horn is thirty-five percent lighter than acetate, hypo-allergenic, and non-conductive. Combining these three properties alone yields the most luxurious material to wear on your face fourteen hours a day. Our bespoke eyewear is exclusively made from water buffalo horn ethically sourced from Asia.